Resources and Tools


Mechanical Designer: Sospension, Chassy (fixed part and mobile part)
Lay out: Ergonomics, Composed Material, Sealing elements, Silosvehicle, trailer and half trailetr for industrial vehicles.


The drawer are able to modelling every type fo components, incluse:
fusion, body, air foil, molds, tools, etc.


cycling work, signal operation, geometric  analisys of a car, mounting, bodywork, meccanics.

Ingegneers for product validation

CE validation, conformity, risk analisys, Technical Dossier, Spare Parts Manuals and Use and Maintenaince Manuals,  virtual and interactive VME (Virtual Manual Environment).

Ingegneers  for vehicle validation

Limited series, CE Partial omologation of a vehicle (Indipendent Technic Unit), National and European.